The Pit by Bustabeatgeorge
The Pit by Bustabeatgeorge
The Pit by Bustabeatgeorge

The Pit by Bustabeatgeorge

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“The Pit”

This propane powered fire pit is portable, safe and eco friendly. Just perfect for that next camping trip. No more carrying firewood or worries about extinguishing fires before leaving, simply pack in pack out!

( Small Changes have been made )

Kit includes :

The Pit x1 

10 Ceramic Stones

4ft Hose ( No More Stainless Steel Hose )

Propane Tank NOT included.


This pit will Patina due to Heat. LEAVE IT. It gives it character and tells a story around the fire pit! 



Instructions : 

1. Make sure the Propane Tank & Regulator are both completely turned off before starting.

2. Connect 3/8's  Fitting to fire the pit. ( Gently Tighten with Wrench ) DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

3. Connect Propane Hose in OFF Mode.

4. Place Fire pit in desired place.

5. Open the Propane Followed by Regulator at Low Setting.

6. Using a LONG lighter Ignite. ( BE CAREFUL )

You are now done and ready to enjoy.


This is a fire pit, it will get HOT, Handle With CAUTION.

Once the Pit is placed in desired area DO NOT move or pull on hose UNTIL its cold to the touch. 

Now that you've read and followed all instructions, We're not liable for any misuse or damage, PLEASE Handle With Care.